London 2007 Missionary Journey

Day 1 : Arriving in London

Thursday 8th March

Members of the LCCC went to greet FOJP who landed at Heathrow in the afternoon and took them to their accommodation to drop off their luggage. After dinner together, FOJP then went to meet with the London EV team at the London Chinese Catholic Centre. There we held our production meeting and made preparations for the activities over the next few days.


Day 2 : Visits, Rehearsals and Prayer Evening

Friday 9th March

Some of us from London and FOJP set off early this morning to went to a Home for the Elderly to visit the elderly Chinese people there. Then we went to a Chinese Community Centre in North London and spent the rest of the morning with the people there. After lunch, we headed to the venue for the EV concert to join the rest of the crew in rehearsal and preparations for the concert. After a long day, our brothers and sisters from FOJP and the LCCC joined together in the church upstairs for a prayer gathering. We offered our EV concert to the Lord and asked Him to bless us and guide us in our effort to spread his good news. During the prayer evening we had sermon from Fr. Yan and the Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament.


Day 3 : “Forgiveness – Road to Enduring Peace” Evangelisation Concert

Saturday 10th March

After final rehearsals and preparation during the day, the “Forgiveness – Road to Enduring Peace” EV Concert finally kicked off in the evening. Brothers and sisters of FOJP and the LCCC put on an evening of drama, music, sharing, prayer and reflection, to bring the message of forgiveness and peace to all our brothers and sisters who attended. Everybody were brought together to experience joy, peace and harmony in unity with Jesus Christ. For a detailed report of the EV concert, please visit the “Forgiveness – Road to Enduring Peace” London 2007 page.


Day 4 : Community Rally

Sunday 11th March

Brothers and sisters from Hong Kong and London joined together in Chinese Mass this afternoon. We had a big congregation that day, and after Mass, we gathered in the London Chinese Centre for a community rally, where we shared our experience and prayers together. After dinner together, we joined in prayer to ask for the grace and guidance of the Lord, for the growth of our community in London and the continuation of our evangelical efforts.


Day 5 : Visits and Farewell

Morning 12th March

This is the last day of the London 2007 missionary journey. Some of us went with FOJP to visit a Day Centre for the Elderly and spent a lovely morning with the people there. In the afternoon, we gathered our things and headed towards the airport, and said our farewells as we saw our brothers and sisters off on the journey home. Even though we had only been together for a few days, we have built a wonderful friendship among us, and we pray for each other, that the Lord may continue to guide us and help us grow, as we continue our evangelical journey, so that we may spread the Gospel of the Lord to more and more people.

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