“Forgiveness – Road to Enduring Peace” London 2007

After months of preparation and hard work from everyone, Friends of Jesus’ Passover (FOJP) and the London Chinese Catholic Centre (LCCC) completed their 5-day missionary journey from 8th-12th March 2007. The London 2007 missionary journey has also marked the beginning of Seeds of the Gospel, our local Catholic Evangelisation movement. Details of events over this period can be seen on the London 2007 Missionary Journey page.

The focal point of this year’s missionary journey is, of course, the “Forgiveness – Road to Enduring Peace” Evangelisation Concert. After much hard work and rehearsal by everyone in the EV team, the concert was completed on 10th March. That evening, about 200 people attended the concert. Apart from members of the LCCC, we also had visitors from various parts of the UK, Ireland, Hong Kong, and as far as South Africa! We also had a good number of non-Catholic friends at the concert. They and the rest of the audience, as well as the crew on stage shared this wonderful 3-hour gathering.

During the concert, our brothers and sisters performed 3 sketches and songs to bring out the theme of the evening. We also sang a number of songs with the audience around the theme of peace and love of the Lord. We added local flavour to the theme of the concert with a play performed by the local team, which portrayed the journey of a local Chinese family through misunderstandings and conflict to understanding and forgiveness. One of our brothers also shared his experience of forgiveness and reconciliation on stage.

The key part of the EV concert was sermon by Fr. Yan. He shared with the audience his own experience of years of missionary life, and how he came to realise and understand the love of God through people and events he had come across throughout his life. Fr. Yan also encouraged us all to reach out and envangelise, so that we can share the grace and love we have received from God with others who have not yet known or accepted Him. Fr. Yan even made reference to the teaching of our great Chinese teacher, Confucius, to illustrate his point! We were touched by the deep understanding and love for the Chinese culture as well as the Chinese people Fr Yan has despite his Italian heritage.

After the sermon, Fr. Yan then led the audience to express their prayers in music. We all then filled in a “blessings card” to express our willingness to forgive those who had conflict with us, and to pray for them. The climax of the evening was when everybody in the audience stood up and came forward to the stage to receive blessing from Fr. Yan and our 2 local Chinese priests – the spirit of unity among us was most powerful and touching. After that we all sang together, and after 3 hours of music and with a new found enthusiasm, the concert finally drew to a perfect close.

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